Full Service MLS Listing Plan: How it works


Traditionally the total commission for a property is between 5% to 6%

Here's how our company works:

  • List for a total commission of 3.5%
  • NJ Real Estate Boutique will list for only 1% and offer buyer's agents/brokers 2.5%.
  • The seller saves up to 2.5%.

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Based on a property listed for $300,000 at 5% to 6% standard commission you save up to 2.5% commission. This is a $4,500 to $7,500 saving at closing. 

NJ Real Estate Boutique llc always offers buyer's agent/broker 2.5% which is the same as traditional brokerages. You may choose between 2% to 3% but we recommend 2.5%.

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