Other Services

Professional Home Staging - Professional home staging can get sellers top dollar. Homes staging works best for properties that are just about ready to go on the market. One of our licensed realtors will do a walk-through of each room and give you an objective, honest and expert analysis of what needs to be done to make your property more appealing to buyers for a faster sale. ​  

Our services include rearranging furniture, removing unneeded items and taking out any clutter. You will be using what you already own to transform the room. We will enhance each room, making it warm and inviting thus increasing the emotional connection for the buyer. 

You will have show-ready photos for buyers. To get top dollar, every property should go through our complete home staging transformation before being listed (may not apply to all locations).

Professional Photography - With 99% of millennials shoping for properties online (NAR 2017-real-estate-in-a-digital-age-03-10-2017 pdf) it is important for your property to look its best on the internet. Professional pictures generate more traffic and buyer interest, therefore selling faster. More than ever, your listing must stand out from the crowd with eye-catching photos.

Lockbox - Many times the property owner(s) are not present when agents are trying to bring clients over to see the property. This presents an inconvenience to the agents and their clients which means missed opportunities. Often times, you should not be present when an agent brings a potential buyer to view the property; having less people present is the best way to minimize the feeling of overcrowding and making the house feel small. Let the agent help the buyer(s) to imagine the property as their own. Any agent that opens the lockbox will be registered (date and time too).  

Sign - Our sign displays your own PRIVATE extension and it will forward the calls IMMEDIATELY to your phone for no additional charge. The sign is optional but keeping a For Sale by Owner sign may encourage buyers to low ball or even discourage agents from taking their clients to your property.