Q&A's for all Listing Plans


What is the difference between NJ Real Estate Boutique and a traditional brokerage?

The difference between NJ Real Estate Boutique and a traditional brokerage is that we have moved out from under the old ways of buying and selling real estate. We offer multiple services for both buyers and sellers at a discount. We offer a buyers rebate that gives you cash back at closing. For sellers we can list your property on MLS for a flat fee and you can choose additional services that cater to your property. We also offer our Full Service program at a discount! Whether you're a buyer or seller, NJ Real Estate Boutique delivers the utmost customer service.

Why is there only one way to sell a property?

NJ Real Estate Boutique's modern approach to selling gives you multiple ways to sell your property. With our company you can choose how YOU want to sell your property. Our different plans will give you the tools you need to make the most out of your money.

You are located in Hillsborough New Jersey, does that mean you only work in that town and the surrounding areas?

Our company serves almost all of New Jersey. In New Jersey there are 9 multiple listing services (MLS), we belong to almost all of them. 

Where does the property appear for all listing plans?
All of our listing plans include MLS and realtor.com and syndication to unlimited internet home sites (Zillow.com, Trulia.com, Home.com etc) plus hundreds of real estate company's and agent's websites like Weichert, Keller Williams, etc.

What is Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

MLS is a large national database. Each local MLS has its own listings, and agents pay dues to access and post properties on each one. This is why agents who want a broader reach for their clients may become a member of more than one MLS. Property sellers CAN’T post their properties directly to the MLS because access to this database is limited to licensed agents and brokers who pay for membership. 

 Is there a list of websites that the property appears on? 

Too many to list. Your property will appear on all IDX sites which includes almost all of the real estate companies, agent websites plus any websites that advertise homes. 

What does IDX mean?

IDX is the system that allows REALTORS® to show MLS property listings on their websites. IDX stands for "Internet Data Exchange".


After I list on MLS will I get charged for additional updates (descriptions or pictures) or multiple open house postings?

We are happy to post any additional updates or open house posts for you at no extra cost.

Does a property get listed on more than one MLS for all listing plans?
Properties are listed on their main MLS but can also be listed on a secondary MLS bordering the county. There is an additional fee for the secondary MLS. Not all properties can be listed in a secondary MLS because it may not be applicable to that specific property. There is no additional fee for the Full Service Listing plan to get listed on a secondary MLS.

On the listing agreement you have 2.5% compensation to buyer's agent/broker, is it possible to change it to 2% for the Full Service or the Flat Fee MLS Listing plans?
You may choose between 2% to 3% but we recommend 2.5%. About 75% to 85% of sellers offer buyer's agent/broker 2.5% for selling their property.

Are there any other fees when choosing to list a property using the Flat Fee MLS Listing Plans?
No there are not.

Is there any commission paid when listing with the Flat Fee MLS Listing Plans?
There is no commission to list your property when you use the Flat Fee MLS Listing Plans. The total sales commission of 2% to 3% will be paid to the buyer's agent from any real estate company at closing if the buyer's agent/broker sells your property.

If the seller sells their property while listing using the Flat Fee MLS  Listing Plans does the seller pay commission or any other additional fees?
If the seller sells their property without the help of a buyer's agent/broker from any real estate company, the seller does not pay commission or any other additional fees.

After listing the property on MLS using one of the Flat Fee MLS Listing Plans do I still retain the right to sell by owner?

Yes you retain the right to sell by owner. Always ask if a buyer is being represented by an agent/broker and if they have previously seen your property with an agent/broker.


While listing using either Flat Fee MLS  Listing Plans why am I required to sign all real estate forms?
We are a licensed real estate company and we are required to use the forms provided by MLS and the New Jersey Real Estate Commission.

Is there a fee to cancel the Full Service or Flat Fee MLS listing agreements?

Can I cancel ANY time?
Only Flat Fee MLS Listing Plans may cancel at any time and our company will unconditionally release your property.

What is an unconditional release?
Unconditional release means that you can list with any realtor immediately after our listing contract has been canceled. Traditional real estate companies will allow you to cancel but you may not list with another realtor until the contract expires. This can take up to anywhere between 6 to 12 months.

After canceling will I be able to get my money back?
100% Money back guarantee when you cancel before your property listing is entered on Multiple Listing Service (MLS). No refund will be provided after the listing is active in Multiple Listing System (MLS).

When listing using the Flat Fee MLS  Listing Plans, does the listing agent represent the seller(s) as seller's agent?
With the Flat Fee MLS Listing Plans we are acting as transaction broker for the seller(s) so we do not represent you as seller's agent. We represent you as transaction broker.

What is a transaction broker?
Please click here for more information.

When listing with a Full Service Listing Plan, does the listing agent represent the seller(s) as seller's agent?

What is a seller's agent? 

Please click here for more information. 

Does the listing agent negotiate for the seller(s) when listing using either Flat Fee MLS Listing Plans?
There are two Flat Fee MLS Listing Plans. The first is the Essential Flat fee MLS Listing Plan and the second is the Agent Assisted Flat Fee MLS Listing plan. The Agent Assisted Flat Fee MLS Listing Plan includes price negotiation. While the Essential Flat Fee MLS Listing Plan does not include price negotiation it can be added for a fee.

Will I directly get calls from the free sign your company provides? 

Our company provides a sign for your property at no charge, displaying your own PRIVATE extension. This extension will forward the calls directly to your phone number.

Can you provide examples of properties that your company has sold that have been professionally photographed? 

Yes, just ask and we can provide you with a list.

Can buyers also save money?

Absolutely, learn more about the New Jersey home buyer's rebate here.