NJ Commission Rebate


 Our company will give you up to 2% of the purchase price of the property at closing. 

Please email, call or click for the NJ Home Buyer Rebate agreement and Rebates of Real Estate Commissions - State of NJ letter.

Here's how you can get started:

1. The first step is to sign our NJ Home Buyer Rebate Agreement. New Jersey requires a signed agreement between the buyer and the broker guaranteeing the NJ Home Buyer Rebate to the buyer. This can be cancelled any time.  

2. Open houses are the best opportunity to see the property. You can search for open houses on Realtor.com. Always sign in using your agent's name and always disclose that you are working with NJ Real Estate Boutique llc. If you need to make an appointment to see the property, please contact us to schedule it.* 

3. All questions and emails should be directed to your agent. If you email the listing agent for questions about the property, she/he will be able to claim you as their client and we will not be able to give you the NJ Home Buyer Rebate. Only contact a listing agent to find out about an open house's dates and times.

Get your NJ Home Buyer Rebate here

Consult a tax professional concerning the tax implications for any applicable taxes.

*In New Jersey the agent that shows you the property will represent you by default; this is called the procuring cause. If another agent shows you the property we will not be able to represent you and thus you will lose the NJ Home Buyer Rebate.